Agriculture and Rural Development

We shall restructure all agriculture agencies to be more effectives and functional.

We shall review the processes and procedures to make assess easier for prospective land buyers.

We shall create Extensional Services and after School Training for Agriculture Graduates and Non-graduates through the establishment of Agricultural Academy.

We shall Embrace Technology for Agro Allied And Value Chains Creation

Investors Will Be Mandated to Employ Land Owners who Trade off their Land for Industrial Development.

Modernization Of Farm Settlement and Modifying the existing Model With Necessary Facility Like Internet, Alternative Source Of Energy For Farmers In The Rural Areas.

We shall ensure Farmer’s Cooperatives to Enhance accessibility to Fund And Market.

We shall Facilitate Linkage Relationship With International Bodies And Countries In Order To Enhance Agriculture Especially In the Areas of Irrigation and Yields.

We shall generate between 20 and 25 thousand Agricultural Jobs per annum.