Rapid Development of our Border Towns and Cities

Ogun-Lagos Border communities cover a land area of 1700km2 (about 10% of the entire State); comprising of all cities, towns, villages lying on the southern border of Ogun State with geographic contiguity to Lagos State.

The 8 local government areas that border Lagos State from Ogun State are listed below:


SNName of LGAs
Number of Wards
No. of Polling Units
Ado Odo Ota9148
3Obafemi Owode120
Ijebu East329
Ogun Waterside


Challenges confronting Ogun-Lagos Border Towns

By reason of proximity, towns along this corridor have experienced spillover from the congested city of Lagos, without commensurate infrastructural growth to match the rapid increase in population

The resultant effect is a myriad of challenges that have brought  unprecedented pressure on existing facilities and untold hardship on the residents, due to Government’s neglect. Some of these challenges are:


  • Deplorable state of both major and inner roads
  • Population overflow and traffic congestionCommunities with no schools, markets and hospitalsSeasonal flooding and erosional damage
  • Inadequate health facilities
  • Lack of basic infrastructures like gutters, street lights, waste management system in the towns
  • Lack of good and affordable transport system to connect Lagos corridor
  • Porous state border and insecurity issues

Our Plans for Border Towns

We shall Enact Law for creation of Agency that will focus on Border Towns and Cities.

Provision Of Infrastructure Facilities Like Road, Street Electrification, Schools, Hospital etc in the Border Towns and Cities.

We Shall Seek Stronger Private Sector and Multilateral Partnership to Boost Industrial Development along Border Towns.

We Shall Ensure that major Cities Of Ogun State are Continuously Maintained With Relevant Infrastructure and Utilities.