Ogun 2019 : Religious Leaders Meet GNI,  Task Him on Tolerance, Spirituality

Ogun 2019 : Religious Leaders Meet GNI, Task Him on Tolerance, Spirituality

Ahead of the impending general elections in 2019, the Africa Democratic Congress (ADC) governorship candidate, Prince Gboyega Nasir Isiaka (GNI) has been urged to stay consecrated to God when he becomes governor, even as he was told to act as a unifying factor for both Christianity and Islam in the state.

This was the crux of a meeting between the governorship candidate and religious leaders during the campaign tour of Yewa North Local government area.

Representative of the Christian Association of Nigeria, (CAN), Apostle Lola Dada while extolling the virtues of the governorship candidate admonished him to be religiously tolerant and act ensure all religious groups have a level playing field in his administration.

“There’s unity between Muslims and Christians in Yewa Awori land and by extension Ogun State .Your government would not dissolve us. We can only appeal that you continue to work for the unity and progress of our religions. We would also be happy if things are shared equally among us all, since we are all one. Don’t be too busy to pray when you become governor. We want spirituality to be your watchword. God of Israel will be behind you.”

Apostle Dada further appealed to the ADC flag bearer to ensure that his government improves the fortunes of the Yewa people, noting that there is palpable penury in Yewaland, which must not continue when the GNI’s administration comes on board.

Speaking in similar vein, the representative of the Muslim Community in Yewa North, Alh. Olaleye Arolawa enjoined all sons and daughters of Yewa to give GNI massive support in the election.

He observed that the ADC governorship candidate is the best man to alleviate the suffering of the Yewa people, appealing however that he stays true to his campaign promises. ”

“This is the time God wants to put an end to our suffering. We must not lose this opportunity. There are no jobs for our children. This is not about party loyalty. If we continue to talk about party, we would not move forward. We can’t move forward except we produce a Governor. I urge GNI not to disappoint us.” he said.

Responding, Prince Isiaka vowed to cater for the welfare of religious leaders in the State, noting that his government would be religiously tolerant.

According to him, “I am not someone who opposes religious tolerance. Freedom of worship is everyone’s right.
I am a Muslim, but my wife is a Christian, and a Deaconess at that. Those who are close to me know how liberal I am when it comes to the issue of religion.”

“I can assure you that the welfare of our religious leaders would be one of our administration’s priorities. Our religious leaders are very important.Quality religion is important.”he added.

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