It is no longer arguable that the quality and standard of living in our land is extremely low and this is troubling!

Despite being the largest economy in Africa, Nigeria still ranks around 160th out of 177 countries on the Scale of the Human Development Index (HDI) and according to the National Bureau of  Statistics; almost 70% of Nigerians are living in “absolute poverty” defined as living on less than a $1 per day.

Generally speaking, poverty in Nigeria has been a problem for more than 60% of the population and this is evidenced by all available statistics, visible facts and case studies in and around us.

Ogun State, the 16th State in Nigeria by landmass and population density per km 2 is not immune from this as it is listed as number 12 by Incidence of Poverty amongst the 36 States of the federation in the latest ranking by the United Nations Poverty Index.

Though analysts are often quick (and rightly so) at attributing this development to bad governance resulting from inept leadership and a near total collapse of our value system, it is practically impossible for the government to be the only source of the solution to these challenges. It is time for all men of conscience and goodwill to de-emphasis the notion that government can do all, and rise up to offer support to the weak and the vulnerable in the society.

“Irorun De for The Less Privileged” and its special purpose unit” The Believe Movement” have been created to complement various other initiatives aimed at intervening to solve the challenges identified above.

I am pleased to facilitate the creation of these initiatives and hereby offer myself as the Chief Volunteer of the Initiatives and Vision; the vision to develop a fair world, to stimulate the creation of a free, happy and prosperous people and to build a leadership that has sincerity, purpose & character. These, I Believe are achievable.

– Gboyega Nasir Isiaka (GNI) MBA, FCA, FCS

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Irorun De! for the Less Privileged (“Irorun De!” ) is a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) founded and incorporated in 2014 to support the less privileged through various forms of socio-economic intervention programs like health & wellness services, skill acquisition, micro-financing, Rural roads maintenance and Agricultural supports, to mention but a few. The NGO was registered to operate in Nigeria but its primary focus at this time is Ogun State, Nigeria.

In response to the near total breakdown in our value system, the NGO has further created a special purpose unit; The Believe Movement aimed at engaging the Polity and the Society through a continuous value re-orientation, enlightenment, and training programs.


In its operation and activities, The NGO is being guided by the following key objectives and guiding principles:

  • To promote the social welfare of the people via relevant and impactful socio-economic intervention programs
  • To promote the enthronement of moral values in our body politic through the process of enlightenment, training, and re-orientation.
  • To promote a socio-political environment that guarantees equal opportunity, shared prosperity and social system where achievement is valued, merit is rewarded and citizens are compensated based on merit.
  • To offer a veritable platform through which potential servant leaders who subscribe to our ethos and values can engage, aspire and contribute to the emergence of a better society.
  • To encourage thorough participatory democracy based on integrity, accountability, transparency and Service to the people.


The Scope of Activities of the NGO are provided under the following broad areas:

    • Socio-Economic Intervention Programmes
    • Value Orientation & Training.


a) Agriculture & Rural roads

Our Agriculture Rural roads Intervention programs focusing on organizing farmers and helping them to be more productive through:

  • Trainings on improve farming methods;
  • Procurement and distribution of inputs such as fertilizer, improve seedlings and chemicals;
  • Introduction of new crops of economic significance;
  • Distribution of farm implements and equipment.

Also, essential rural roads which are either in deplorable conditions or non-existent shall be upgraded and/or created as much as we can to make transportation easier in the rural areas.

b) Health & Wellness

These focus on more healthy living by the people of the State through:

  • Health education;
  • Screening and provision of drugs for common ailments such as hypertension, diabetes and malaria fever.
  • Assisting in the refurbishment and provision of affordable facilities
  • Organising of outreach programs during which occasional surgical intervention shall be carried out in addition to eyes test and provision of glasses for the aged.

c) Education & Capacity Building; Comprising:

  • Sponsorship and scholarship for indigent students especially orphans;
  • An organization of free qualitative tutorial classes for SSCE & JAMB students;
  • Distribution of books and writing materials to students and libraries across the State.
  • Assisting in the refurbishment and provision of needed facilities as affordable.

d) Micro Support, Social Entrepreneurship &


The intervention areas in this include:

  • Training of unemployed youths in various areas including; entrepreneurship skills and self-employment ventures; writing project proposal/business plans and accessing support from the government and other NGOs that fund social entrepreneurship programs and similar initiatives.
  • Dissemination of vacancies, assisting to apply for such vacancies and offering other logistic support to enhance job placement.
  • Facilitation/provision of Micro supports to artisans and traders especially widows to enhance their capacity for business activities.
  • Assisting the disables to procure and provide wheelchairs and other empowerments.


This is carried out through the Special Purpose Unit of the NGO known as “The Believe Movement” and it entails mobilizing members across all strata of people in Ogun State for value sharing, training, and community engagement activities at various locations/communities.

Members are made to organize themselves and identify issues that affect their communities and seek to provide support in such community challenges.

This process is carried out through various means including:

  • Regular members meeting at communities or wards th roughout the State,
  • Town Hall meetings for members or non-members,
  • Motivational/ Career Talks for students of tertiary institutions as well as fresh graduates’ Mentorship, Door to Door counselling,
  • Sponsored Radio & TV Programs, Symposia,
  • Community Development Activities and
  • Pamphleteering.


Every generation has a responsibility to bequeath a better society to its subsequent generations and in the words of Ashleigh Brilliant,
“Not being able to do everything is no excuse for not doing everything you can”.

Let’s join hands to salvage our people for today and prepare a better society for the generation coming behind.

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Phone numbers: 09078535441, 09097016428